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Back to creepy fanboy shit

Spoilers for the Kannagi Manga - if you care, don't read further, I'm not going to LJ-Cut this (too much work)

Oh my.

I have mentioned that out of the fall season's anime fansubs, I have taken to watching the shows Toradora!, To Aru Majutsu no Index, and Kannagi, right?

The Kannagi anime is great, full of metahumor that breaks the 4th wall (the director was the one who was sacked for "a lack of professionalism and experience" after directing 4 episodes of the anime Lucky Star, and he has made many jokes in this show about it), and to me is quite funny. ANN has been reporting about the Manga running in Japan, and the fact that it was put on Hiatus following the publishing of the January installment (at the beginning of December). It turns out that the manga-ka was sick. HOwever, there were rumors that the reason for the manga being put on hold was due to a fan-controversy over something that had been revealed in the December installment (Published in November, I guess?)

It seems that this series/show is very popular among the Otaku culture in Japan, and I had read rumors of people going batshit insane over this - even an unsubstantiated rumor that one fan had destroyed all of his merchandise over it.

I kept seeing the fact that there was a controversy over and over again, but no one went into what the hell had been so controversial. I finally just broke down and googled it. 3rd site I went to finally said what had gone down.

Apparently the title character, Nagi-sama, had a boyfriend in the past and may not be a virgin. Here is a blog post that goes into it in more detail

. . .

What. The. Fuck.

So, the hatemail flowed freely to the manga-ka after this revelation, spawning the rumor that she had put it on Hiatus because of the backlash.

>_< This is an aspect of the Japanese Otaku Culture that I just don't get.

. . . What? You don't care?

So go read something else!

Edit: This just gets creepier and creepier, really. The sorts of language that are being used to describe the character now is just, beyond disturbing. Used Goods. And apparently the fans have been betrayed, led astray by a girl who is not "pure". That is sexism at it's worst, really, and a terrible way to look at anyone, regardless of whether they are 2D or 3D. Girls don't owe you anything, and calling them horrible names because they have a life of their own that doesn't meet your virgin-worshiping expectations is just ... well it says something about you, really.

. . . Jesus christ, I'm talking about a fictional character. >_< But the reaction is real, and the reaction is . . . well, what else can I say, it's creepy.

. . . What? You STILL don't care?

W-what the hell are you still doing here, then?! Jeez, i-it's not like I appreciate your readership or anything!

(for some reason I couldn't help making a Tsundere joke here. Don't know why)
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