Tim Kai (timkai) wrote,
Tim Kai

The Simpsons are Real People!

A judge in Australia has just ruled that the Simpsons are real people. They have the same rights under the law as real people. They can vote and have credit cards. This may be a little overboard. I'm still pissed though.

An Australian judge just found a man guilty of possessing child porn based on an internet animation he had on his computer of Simpsons characters (I have to assume Lisa or Bart, or maybe the two of them together) having sex. He wasn't jailed though. Just fined $3,000 australian. >_<


I hope to fucking god that this litigation is overturned. I don't think that the US can use foreign rulings in their own lawmaking, but that doesn't stop my paranoia.

It's frustrating to think that common sense has been so eroded that you can take an obviously fictitious individual or individuals (how can you say that the Simpsons even look more than roughly human?) and suddenly make the statement that they are afforded the same rights as a real person. Hell, I've seen simpsons porn "cartoons", and not only are they seriously not erotic, they are never particularly well animated. Unless the man had 10,000 simpsons porn images, and got seriously aroused at jaundiced children, RAGERAGERAGERAGE!!!!!

I'm done. Please note that my frustration stands on record.
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