Tim Kai (timkai) wrote,
Tim Kai


I haven't consistently watched Toonami for years, but I have fond memories of it from waaay back.

I don't think I was watching it at the VERY beginning, but goddamn if I wasn't there from pretty close. I remember watching Voltron and Robotech on toonami, and GODDAMN if "Midnight Run" wasn't the Bees Knees. Some really great memories over the years, that is for sure.

Final broadcast tonight. It's been fun over the years.

An icon just passed.

I'm not sad, but I am suffused with nostalgia.


Tags: nostalgia, toonami
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THEY'RE ENDING TOONAMI!!!!! NOOOOOOOOO! T_T Granted I haven't watched it much in recent years (alas, they canceled all my favorite shows/anything I'd be interested in watching...), but still. *sigh*
Midnight Run, what we watched before there was Adult Swim, and where they left in the blood and swearing for anime episodes :D
All gone...alas...

(Voltron rocked, though for some reason I could never stand Robotech o_0)
Not ending, ended. Apparently they made the announcement that they were canceling it the same day that they canceled it. It was a bit of a shock.


go to that website and click on the "goodbye" video. You'll see the final broadcast.

Apparently TOM was voiced by the same buy who did Spike from Cowboy Bebop. You'll see what I mean if you watch the video.

I'm with ya man. I was at AWA when the broadcast went out. I didn't find out the news until this morning.

It got me into anime. And, yeah - I watched it from the beginning. Makes me feel old to know that something I loved for over 11 years is gone. The Toonami we were in love with was gone a long time ago, but damn if that doesn't just make it even sadder to see it completely gone now.
yea, that's sort of the general consensus, that the Toonami of the past few years was a hollow shell of its former days, but at the same time, no one was happy to see it gone.

God, all this nostalgia has me remembering those days. I now have the original Toonami theme (the heavy, bass laden techno number) running through my head. I haven't even thought about it for years.