Tim Kai (timkai) wrote,
Tim Kai

Uggh, oh god!

I worked a PM/Sleep shift on Thursday (3:30pm thursday - 7:30AM Friday), and then had to come back for a PM shift on friday afternoon (3:30pm - 10:30pm) to supervise a new hire's shadow shift (she was running the show here, I was just there to make sure everything went smoothly), when we discovered that a girl who trained over the summer had turned in her resignation on thursday. She had also not taken the time to get the few shifts she had signed up for at the beginning of the month filled by other people. So, I had to stay and do the Sleep shift as well. And right now, I'm doing the Saturday morning AM shift (7:30AM-3:30pm). And I have to do another PM shift tomorrow (Sunday). I find that I don't sleep very well at the Apartment, so I am really freaking tired right now. >_<


The worst part is that because of how our weeks run (Saturday-Friday), I can't legitimately try to get off work tomorrow (we're not allowed to do overtime unless something freaky happens) since the cut off on Friday leaves me with 32 hours worked, while the shift that I just worked legitimately pushes me to 40 hours worked over three days. It just doesn't work that way on paper. >_< DAMNIT!

On the plus side, next week I only work sleep shifts. I'm down with that. Still, I'm really tired right now.

:sigh: at least the shift is over in a half hour. And then RPM on The LION 90.7fm! You know the drill with that by now, right? If you're in the state college area, 90.7 on the FM dial. If you aren't, you can still listen by going to TheLion.FM, the main website, and either downloading a small file or just listening on the website proper. It's a glorious little applet. Lots of fun.

7-9 pm!
Tags: discord, rpm, the apartment, the lion, work
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